Press Release:

Bridgeway Security Solutions joins the Dropbox Partner Network

6 June 2016

Bridgeway Security Solutions announced today they have joined the Dropbox Partner Network, allowing them to officially offer Dropbox Business to their clients. Dropbox Business provides teams the power, security, and performance of Dropbox, along with robust admin capabilities that give IT visibility and control over company data.

The Dropbox Partner Network is a unique opportunity for Bridgeway to introduce customers to a user-friendly file sync and share solution that helps improve employee productivity and efficiency while cutting costs for the business. Management capabilities with Dropbox Business include Active Directory integration with single sign-on (SSO), recovery of lost or deleted files, two-factor verification, remote wipe, activity audit logs, and sharing controls.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer Dropbox Business to our existing customers as well as to new clients.  There is a fundamental shift taking place in the way that organisations work.  We are rapidly transitioning from fixed, silo-like functional departments, into transverse, flexible project teams.  Therefore, fast, efficient and secure data sharing and simple, unified project collaboration enables organisations to reach their desired agility and productivity goals” said Jason Holloway, Managing Director, Bridgeway Security Solutions.

Jason continued, “Today, employees require immediate and flexible access from a wide range of device types and form factors. In the modern, connected and mobile world, the traditional USB drive is redundant.  Users are already using and demanding Dropbox as their preferred collaboration and file sharing platform, so it makes sense to empower users and gain control and visibility over their use of this unique solution.”

About Bridgeway Security Solutions

Bridgeway is an information security and risk management specialist with proven experience in delivering security solutions around mobility, cloud and security intelligence. Bridgeway offers a holistic approach to understanding business issues and matching superior solutions through our depth of marketplace understanding, consulting expertise and using trusted vendors to deliver sustainable advantage.  Our vision-led approach takes products, policies, processes and people into account, helping customers overcome security and risk challenges and enhance their business. Bridgeway is a privately held, profitable UK company based in Cambridge.