Posted by Louisa Mackintosh 31 May 2017

What if you could unleash the power of all that data in your MobileIron console and turn it into actionable, insightful data? Well with IronWorks, the new MobileIron reporting platform (and first of its kind) you can do exactly that. Coming soon!

Here's a sneak preview of what you can expect....

Compliance made easy

Demonstrating and evidencing compliance can be difficult and cumbersome. IronWorks is the answer and ideal for all your compliance documenting and reporting needs. It can assist with GDPR, ISO27001 as well as other regulatory frameworks. Music to your CRO's ears!

Trends. Comparisons. Scheduled reports

With IronWorks long-term trend analysis, we bring crucial context to your data, turning it into meaningful actionable intelligence. You can simply compare your current situation to past performance, being able to identify short and long term deviations. Want to send a list of out-of-contact devices to HR? Easy. Want to send a weekly report of non-compliant devices to your CRO? Again easy. Get the relevant insights to the relevant executives seamlessly.

Locate your mobile devices and recover them

It's all too easy these days to lose mobile devices but much harder to locate and find them again. IronWorks displays the last known location on a simple map interface. Meaning you can identify where those devices are and repurpose that valuable investment made.

Save money on licences

All IT managers know that licence configurations can be complex and challenging. IronWorks calculates the most cost-effective way to procure your MobileIron licences, saving you money instantly at the touch of a button.

I hope that gives you a taster of what's to come with IronWorks. More to come on this exciting new platform soon!